GP Series 3 Lambretta Scooter

The GP Series 3 Lambretta as it was known in the UK or DL in most other countries replaced all the previous models of Lambretta, the GP was available in 125cc, 150cc and 200cc versions, some of the 200cc had Ducati electronic ignition systems.
All three came out in January 1969 with production running until April 1971 when Innocenti ceased producing Lambretta scooters.
over 15,000 125cc were produced.
Over 20,000 150cc were produced.
Over 9,000 200cc were produced.
Production transferred to India late in 1971, where SIL continued to make the GP model.

The five images below are random images of the Series 3 GP/DL Lambretta, courtesy of the Lambretta Images Archive