Lambretta GT Intercontinental Engine Case

Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The details/features of the casting design are:

1. Reverse compatible to standard 200 casings and all internals including crank
2. Original look with finning and jack points
3. Utilises original mag flange
4. Utilises original side case
5. Crank on original centre line to utilise all current exhaust systems
6. Utilises any currently available ignition system
7. Thicker sections for strength and increased gasket face area
8. Properly positioned rear brake shoe pins
9. Enlarge rear axle bearing boss to accommodate bigger bearings
10. Pads for case mounted reed and boosts
11. Large gasket area for big capacity cylinders
12. Large crank case for CR250 72mm stroke crank
13. Big capacity, low cost, water cooled cylinder 300cc
14. Big capacity iron lined Inter-Continental air cooled cylinder 330cc
15. 100% Made in England


Available to buy soon please Contact us to put your name down for one.